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Millers Motor Services can handle all your VW repair, service, and MOT needs. Compared to the VW Plymouth dealer, our team of VW specialists provides 5-star service at a great value, added with the passion, knowledge, skills, and genuine love for Volkswagen.

We have technicians who specialise in everything VW. Our knowledge and passion set us apart from the competition. We offer our clients a first-time fix by using VW manufacturer guidelines, information, and high-quality parts, saving you time and money. All VWs are treated with the respect they deserve.

Unconvinced? See our client reviews – our clients appreciate our professionalism, punctuality, quality, and value.

Book your VW maintenance with Millers Motor Services today – you won’t regret it.

vw specialist plymouth

Millers Motor Services is better than the VW Specialist Plymouth dealer for these 8 reasons


Independent, honest advice from our passionate technicians


We can provide you with VW service/repair at a lower cost than the main dealer without compromising on service


Many years of experience working with almost all VW models


We offer a free courtesy car, upon request, to keep you on the road while your VW is being serviced


Drop off and collections outside of regular business hours for those with busy schedules


The flexible financing options we offer to make maintaining your VW on a budget easy


Five-Star reviews from clients – Quality and consistency guaranteed


Access our Launceston garage easily without disruptions – there’s no need to travel into VW Plymouth

The best way to keep your VW in peak condition with Millers Motor Services:

vw specialist plymouth

VW Service

We always make sure our clients get the most from their Volkswagen. Maintaining your vehicle will improve its performance, fuel efficiency, and longevity. Bring your Volkswagen in for high quality service today and see what a difference it makes.

vw specialist plymouth

VW Repairs

Using only genuine or high-quality Volkswagen parts allows us to provide you with the best possible fix, and with all parts and labour backed by a 12-month guarantee, you will have peace of mind with Millers Motor Services. Contact us today to make an appointment for your VW.

vw specialist plymouth


A VW MOT ensures your vehicle’s roadworthiness and compliance with the legal minimum standards. You will be able to keep yourself and those around you safe by getting a VW MOT. We recommend combining your VW Service and MOT to ensure your VW passes the first time. 

We can help you with all of your VW Specialist Plymouth needs.

Contact us on 01566 248554!

Here are a few issues we've seen with Volkswagen cars


AdBlue:  A fluid that helps reduce harmful chemicals from your VW diesel’s exhaust emissions. It is important to top up Adblue regularly, and if not, it can affect engine maintenance and cause your VW to malfunction. Make sure you keep an eye on your Adblue levels by contacting us today.


Timing Issue: For everything to work correctly, your engine timing is crucial. Whether a software or mechanical problem, a timing issue can severely damage your engine. You should schedule an engine inspection immediately if you have noticed your exhaust is leaking unburned fuel or your engine has a ticking noise.


HP Pumps: High-Pressure Pumps are designed to inject fuel quickly and efficiently into your engine. However, a faulty HP pump may cause your car to stall or even not start at all. Please call us today if you are having issues with your engine.


Door Locks: If your door locks are not working, you may have a software problem or a faulty wire, depending on the age and model of your VW. Let us do your diagnostics today, and we’ll remove the guesswork so you can fix your VW the first time.


DPF issues: The Diesel Particulate Filter is designed to remove harmful chemicals from your exhaust. The filters, however, have a limited lifespan and should be replaced regularly. For your VW to always meet MOT emission standards, your DPF should be regularly checked. Schedule a DPF check today.


Drivetrain: The drivetrain is responsible for ensuring your VW rides smoothly. A fault in your drivetrain may cause your gears to slip, or you may hear a whirring noise when you drive. Visit Millers Motor Services, and we’ll restore your VW to optimum performance.

vw specialist plymouth

Would you like more information about our services?

Our blog contains examples of real-life client fixes completed by our expert technicians.

During my VW service, how will I be kept informed about the progress?

As part of our commitment to safety on the road, our team at Millers Motor Services will give you the confidence that your VW is in capable hands. Our business is based on safety, honesty and transparency.

Therefore, if your vehicle is with us for its service, rest assured that we will be in touch after our initial inspection. As a result, we will present you with our findings and our recommendations regarding remediation. 

We will never charge you for work you haven’t approved. It’s always your call.

Keeping You Informed Millers Motors

We can help you with all of your VW Specialist Plymouth needs.

Contact us on 01566 248554!

Additional benefits of choosing Millers Motors Services:

Drop Off and Collection Millers Motors

Out of Hours

Maybe your work hours don’t fit in with our opening hours, but this shouldn’t stop you enjoying the benefits at Millers Motor Services. If you need our services after hours, we offer an after-hours drop-off and pick-up service so that you will not be inconvenienced.

Flexible Finance Millers Motors

Flexible Finance

Maintaining your VW on a budget has become easier with our flexible financing plan. Please call us to find out more.

Courtesy Car Millers Motors

Courtesy Cars

Maintaining your VW as quickly and conveniently as possible. Please use our free service if you need a courtesy car while our experts work on your VW. Please let one of our team members know upon booking, and we’ll make sure you have a car waiting for you.


We have made sure that our garage is conveniently located in Launceston to help you avoid any unnecessary disruptions that you may find taking your car into Plymouth 

Millers Motor Services can save you both time and money compared to VW Specialist Plymouth dealers.

What other brands do you service? VW & other German brands

Our technicians are passionate about providing quality work across all German brand vehicles.

Own a Volkswagen, BMW or Mercedes? We have got you covered, working to provide a premium service to your premium vehicle.

vw specialist plymouth
Customer Reviews

Our Customer feedback

  • David Skinner

    25th August 2022

    I was extremely pleased with all the work carried out by top technicians and very quickly, I had quite a list of faults that were highlighted by my Audi main dealer but at an extremely high price when I discovered Millers on Google and read the reviews I didn't mind the hour drive to the garage and was blown away by the affordable repairs and very high standard of the work! No smart suits or... Read More

  • Ian Hodgson

    14th August 2022

    MOT and full service completed in good time, a variety of COVID delayed repairs including AC, new brake pads, and replacement rear light array. A big job, well done and at reasonable cost compared with Audi main dealer!!👍👏
    I can thoroughly recommend.

  • Kyle James

    6th August 2022

    Phil and the lads look after my Audi S3 and I wouldn't dare to take her anywhere else, these guys are devoted to VW group and it is clear to see.

    Phil has personally gone out of his way to help me in situations, which is unlike any other garage I have been in contact with. They seem to go above and beyond for their customers!

    Their knowledge for these cars is untouched by others... Read More

  • Phoebe Gibson

    5th August 2022

    Amazing service 10/10! Went to this garage on the off chance, needing my electric window fixing (which was stuck wide open!) whilst driving a 350 mile journey with a baby in the car. Both staff helped despite it being closing time and were so friendly and helpful. They made a temporary repair on my car when they should have been at home! Can’t thank them enough. Would recommend to anyone :)... Read More

  • Swiss Clogs

    3rd August 2022

    Vacationing in the area when coolant warning light in our Volkswagen came on. Super friendly staff helped immediately and we were back on the road in 5 mins with problem fixed. Highly recommended.

We can help you with all of your VW Specialist Plymouth needs.

Contact us on 01566 248554!