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vw service plymouth

VW Service Plymouth

We are Millers Motor Services, your local VW specialists – expert technicians with a passion for the brand and the latest technology. Our team will ensure you get the best VW service when you bring your car to us. 

Miller Motor Services offers excellent value in comparison to VW Service Plymouth dealer prices

  • With many years of experience, our garages are family-run
  • You'll retain your VW warranty when work is undertaken
  • To maintain your Volkswagen, only use high-quality or genuine VW parts
  • All parts and labour come with a 12-month warranty
  • We provide a range of courtesy vehicles upon request to allow you to remain mobile
  • You can drop off and pick up outside of office hours to reduce interruptions to your schedule
  • Clients on a budget can take advantage of our finance plans
  • Experts in VW with 100+ five-star ratings from clients
vw service plymouth

You can count on us for all your VW Service Plymouth needs

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During a service on a VW, what happens? Here's our checklist:


Lights & Visibility: The front, rear, and internal lights are checked to ensure all lights are functioning. All windows, wipers, and mirrors are also inspected for faults.


Steering & Drive System: Each joint, gaiter and wheel bearings are examined for their strength and functionality. We review and test all shock absorbers and springs for effectiveness and friction.


Braking System: In accordance with safety standards, front & rear brakes are checked and measured. Our goal is to keep you safe on the road.


Interior: All internal controls, including seat belts, horns, hazard lights, air conditioning, and other features, are examined.


Under the Bonnet: All engine parts are inspected to ensure they are in good working order, free of faults or leaks. Spark plugs, air and oil filters, and drive belts are checked and replaced as necessary.


Under the Vehicle: All the trays are removed from the car during the inspection, and the transmission is thoroughly examined for leaks, faults, rust, or corrosion. After the engine is drained, all lines are checked for faults, and the trays are replaced.


Tyres: Wheels and wheel nuts are inspected for corrosion and damage. The tyres’ tread is checked, and the tyre pressure is adjusted. In addition, the spare wheel or the inflation kit is checked.


Final Checks: Fluids such as brake fluid and antifreeze are inspected. Oil is then replaced, and the VW service record is updated.

Do I need to have my VW serviced?

Yes, it is necessary to have your VW serviced to ensure it continues to perform as the manufacturer intended. Each VW is designed with its own servicing schedule, which you can find in the owner’s manual.

Your VW’s service intervals will depend on age, mileage and fuel type.

A service indicator on your dashboard will tell you when your service is due. In your VW handbook, you should also find the entire service history of your car, which will reveal previous servicing intervals.

You can contact our team today if you have questions about when your next service is due. Our team can help you determine which service plan works best for you.

vw service plymouth

Why should I service my VW?


Safety: By conducting regular checks, we can identify potential issues that, if left unaddressed, could lead to a breakdown or, even worse, an accident.


Reliability: We provide driving reassurance to you and ensure your VW is maintained as the manufacturer intends. With us, your VW will maintain its reliability.


Longevity: Servicing will keep you on the road longer. Keep your VW in top condition with regular maintenance and reduce the chance of nasty surprises.


Savings: You can save money on repair bills and running costs by locating and rectifying a fault. Maintaining your VW regularly can also improve fuel efficiency, saving even more money.

You can count on us for all your VW Service Plymouth needs

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Is my service progress being communicated to me?

After completing our inspection, we will contact you to provide our findings and recommendations. After that, it will be up to you.

We will never force you to perform work on your car that you do not feel is necessary, and you will never be hit with hidden fees for work you haven’t approved.

Clients continue to come back to us because of our passion, skills and honest approach.

Keeping You Informed Millers Motors

Additional benefits of choosing Millers Motors Services:

Drop Off and Collection Millers Motors

Out of Hours

Don’t worry about it. Let us. Sometimes scheduling your service outside of your working hours is simply not possible. For that reason, Millers Motor Services offers out-of-hours drop-off and pick-up services.

Courtesy Car Millers Motors

Free Courtesy Cars

It’s one less thing to worry about when we offer you a free courtesy car service while your VW is being serviced upon request. Please let our team know if a courtesy car is needed when you book.

Flexible Finance Millers Motors

Finance Payment Plans

The cost of maintaining your VW has never been easier than with flexible financing plans from Millers Motor Services. For more information, contact our team today.

You can count on us for all your VW Service Plymouth needs

Call us today!


Book in with Millers Motor Services to keep your car in the local area while it is being repaired.

Our garage is located outside of Plymouth centre, in Launceston, to help you avoid unnecessary traffic or disruptions.

We can help you avoid stress – contact Millers Motor Services today.

Customer Reviews

Our Customer feedback

  • David Skinner

    25th August 2022

    I was extremely pleased with all the work carried out by top technicians and very quickly, I had quite a list of faults that were highlighted by my Audi main dealer but at an extremely high price when I discovered Millers on Google and read the reviews I didn't mind the hour drive to the garage and was blown away by the affordable repairs and very high standard of the work! No smart suits or... Read More

  • Ian Hodgson

    14th August 2022

    MOT and full service completed in good time, a variety of COVID delayed repairs including AC, new brake pads, and replacement rear light array. A big job, well done and at reasonable cost compared with Audi main dealer!!👍👏
    I can thoroughly recommend.

  • Kyle James

    6th August 2022

    Phil and the lads look after my Audi S3 and I wouldn't dare to take her anywhere else, these guys are devoted to VW group and it is clear to see.

    Phil has personally gone out of his way to help me in situations, which is unlike any other garage I have been in contact with. They seem to go above and beyond for their customers!

    Their knowledge for these cars is untouched by others... Read More

  • Phoebe Gibson

    5th August 2022

    Amazing service 10/10! Went to this garage on the off chance, needing my electric window fixing (which was stuck wide open!) whilst driving a 350 mile journey with a baby in the car. Both staff helped despite it being closing time and were so friendly and helpful. They made a temporary repair on my car when they should have been at home! Can’t thank them enough. Would recommend to anyone :)... Read More

  • Swiss Clogs

    3rd August 2022

    Vacationing in the area when coolant warning light in our Volkswagen came on. Super friendly staff helped immediately and we were back on the road in 5 mins with problem fixed. Highly recommended.

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