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Miller Motor Services: Your local, independent VW experts.

We at Millers Motor Services are here to help you. We are a VW garage with many years of experience in servicing, repairs, and MOT preparation, all with the professionalism and expertise of a main VW dealer, but with better value!

In addition, we guarantee quality work and reassurance that your VW is in good hands as safety is our priority. VW parts are used in our repair services, and we follow guidelines recommended by the VW manufacturer to maintain the integrity of your vehicle.

See how we compare to your local VW Garage Plymouth dealer by reading our five-star reviews.

vw garage plymouth

VW Car Service

A regular maintenance schedule is essential to the performance and lifespan of your VW, enabling you to find faults early on and prevent costly problems later. Our team at Millers Motor Services will help keep your VW in great shape and safe on the road. 

Our garage has access to VW dealer information and parts, but you would expect this from a VW garage, wouldn’t you? We’re different because our VW technicians have a passion and expertise for everything Volkswagen, so we know exactly what’s wrong with your VW car. We can provide the best solution to any problems you may face.

Your VW can benefit from our team of skilled technicians who will help increase fuel efficiency, performance, and longevity. We will also maintain its existing warranty when work is undertaken.

vw garage plymouth


Book your VW MOT with our VW experts and let us handle the hassle. We can help you prepare your VW for its MOT or perform any repairs identified by the test.

Our team of technicians at Miller’s Motor Services are happy to combine your annual VW service with your MOT, saving you time and money.

Contact us today to set up an appointment.

vw garage plymouth

You can rely on us for all your VW Garage Plymouth needs.

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vw garage plymouth

VW Batteries

Have you noticed dimmed headlights or clicking sounds when you start your engine? You may have a low battery.

Make an appointment today at Millers Motor Services to avoid the hassle of a flat battery.

vw garage plymouth

VW Brakes

It’s estimated that 25% of all accidents on the road could be prevented if the brakes were correctly maintained. If your stopping distance has changed or you hear grinding noises, please get in touch immediately and book in for a brake check.

vw garage plymouth

VW Diagnostics

We can find hidden faults that other garages might miss using our proven 15 step diagnostic process. Our clients benefit from a first-time fix.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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VW Clutch & Gearbox

You could save time and money by finding a problem with your clutch or gearbox early. For a clutch and gearbox assessment with our expert VW technicians, book in if you feel grinding or keep missing a gear. We’re here to help.

vw garage plymouth


You should maintain your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regularly as the DPF helps to reduce emissions. To avoid potential future issues, we recommend changing your Diesel Particulate Filter every two years. Contact us today to schedule your DPF service.

You can rely on us for all your VW Garage Plymouth needs.

Give us a call on 01566 248554!

vw garage plymouth

VW Exhausts

In addition to being costly, a faulty exhaust system is also preventable. Please contact one of our technicians today if you are experiencing performance issues and burning through fuel more quickly than usual.

vw garage plymouth

VW Tyres

Tyres are crucial for keeping you safe because they connect you to the road. By ensuring your tyres are within safety standards, you can avoid accidents and fines. Request a free tyre assessment today.

vw garage plymouth

VW Air Con

In addition to de-misting your windscreen, VW air conditioning prevents you from getting too hot or too cold in the summer and winter. Contact our team if your VW’s air conditioning is due for a service.

vw garage plymouth

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Is there any way I can follow the progress of the service for my VW?

Yes, we keep you informed through every step. We pride ourselves on providing an honest and transparent service, keeping you in complete control of your  VW maintenance.

You will receive our recommendations following our initial inspection, and we will answer any questions you may have regarding them. You will never be surprised by hidden charges for work you did not want because you have control of our work.

Keeping You Informed Millers Motors

Are you looking for a local VW Plymouth garage?

Contact Millers Motor Services today, and one of our team will be happy to help.

Additional benefits of choosing Millers Motors Services:

Drop Off and Collection Millers Motors

Out of Hours

Don’t change your VW service date, we can work around your plans. Take advantage of our out-of-hours drop-off and collection service instead and keep your day flowing smoothly.

Flexible Finance Millers Motors

Flexible Finance

Flexible financing options allow you to maintain your VW on a tight budget. Please contact one of our team members for more information.

Courtesy Car Millers Motors

Courtesy Cars

With a courtesy car, you won’t be without a vehicle while we care for yours. Please request during booking and we will make sure a courtesy car will be waiting for you.

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Our garage is located in Launceston.

Are you looking for a local VW Plymouth garage?

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