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Car Repair Services Millers Motors Launceston

Car Repair Services in Launceston

Car Repair Services in Launceston

At Millers Motor Services we’re here to meet ALL of your motoring needs, whilst giving great value. We offer a full range of car repairs and always offer great value.

Whether you’re after a Launceston MOT, car service or need car advice, our locally run, independent garage has the highly trained team of technicians to get you back on the road in no time.

Car Repair Services Millers Motors
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Your wheel alignment is the way your wheels are positioned and their angles. If they’re wonky or out of place – often because of potholes or curbs – your vehicle safety is really compromised.

Plus, the longer you leave poor wheel alignment, the more expensive it gets to fix. So, it’s incredibly important to keep it right.

But, don’t worry, the team here at Millers Motors are Launceston’s most highly trained VAG experts. So, if you’ve got any issues with your wheel alignment, give us a call.

Wheel Alignment Millers Motors


If your car starts, it’s got to stop. But, more importantly, it’s got to stop exactly when you want it to. That’s why having reliable brakes is so important. They can easily be the difference between being in an accident or not. So, you need to visit a garage you can trust.

Our team of VAG specialist are the reason we’re the leading independent garage for brakes in Launceston. Since 2013, we’ve been the place Launceston VAG drivers rely on to keep their families safe on the road.

And, because we care about you and the Launceston community, we offer a free brake check to make sure you’re safe and sound.

So, don’t put it off. Come in for your free brake check and we’ll make sure you’re not caught out.

Brakes Millers Motors

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For all of your car maintenance requirements in Launceston, call us today.


If your fault light is on or you’re having computer problems in your vehicle, Millers Motor Services can help.

We have some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment, which means you get a first-time engine diagnostics every time.

As Launceston’s leading, independent VAG garage, we’re experts when it comes to vehicle diagnostics. We’ve been North Cornwall’s go-to garage since 2013.


Diagnostics Millers Motors


As your only contact with the road, it’s essential that your tyres are always in peak condition. Too much tread wear and those wet roads become an ice rink. It’s not worth the risk.

With that said, we understand that it’s difficult deciding which Launceston garage is right for your vehicle. It needs to be a garage you can trust, right?

Well, with Millers Motor Services, you get a Top Garage ‘Best Garage’ finalist, with the most highly trained technicians in North Cornwall. VAG specialists who get it right the first time, every time.

All our tyres are fully fitted and guaranteed. So, if you’re looking for Launceston tyres, get in touch.

Tyres Millers Motors

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For all of your car maintenance requirements in Launceston, call us today.


We’ve all been in a car with a terribly creaky clutch. One that squeals when moving through the gears. One that makes a grinding sound every time it’s touched. And, we all know that sorting something like that gets expensive fast.

So, if you’re starting to have trouble with your clutch, if all those weird noises have got you concerned, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’re known as Launceston’s premium, independent garage.

Clutches Millers Motors


A healthy air con keeps you cool in the summer and toasty in the winter. However, the benefits to an optimal air conditioning system go far beyond just that. It actually keeps all your vehicle’s working components ventilated, which is essential if you’re not keen on the idea of overheating and breaking down.

That’s why you should have your air conditioning system serviced at least once every 24 months. And, because the team at Millers Motors are VAG specialists, we’ve got you covered for an affordable price.

Air Conditioning Millers Motors

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For all of your car maintenance requirements in Launceston, call us today.


Your Diesel Particulate Filter exists to control your vehicle’s emissions in line with Euro regulations. And, while incredibly important for the environment, they can quickly become expensive problems if you drive your vehicle whilst your DPF light is on.

If you’re keen to keep unnecessary costs and repairs bills to a minimum, we strongly urge you to bring your car to us as soon as your DPF light turns on.

It will save you a lot of money.

DPF Millers Motors


Since 2013, our garage has been the go-to garage for exhaust repairs in Launceston and North Cornwall. That’s because we offer a great value service, unrivalled VAG experience and a team that’s actually passionate about what we do.

If you’ve got a leaky exhaust, there’s a crack, or you’ve recently failed an emissions tests, give us a call.

Exhaust problems can get expensive quickly, so it’s much better for your wallet and peace of mind to get the issue addressed before it’s too late.

Exhausts Millers Motors

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For all of your car maintenance requirements in Launceston, call us today.


Whether you’re heading out during summer to watch the sunset or you’re commuting to work at 6am, your vehicle’s lighting is incredibly important for your safety and the safety of people on the road.

However, bulbs go out all the time. And, instead of trying to change them yourself and potentially doing more damage, we recommend you visit us. Your car’s lighting is serious.

Lighting Millers Motors


Without a working battery, your car isn’t going anywhere. It’s critical to running almost every component in your vehicle. That means if it fails, you’re stuck.

But, don’t worry. A dead battery is probably the most common reason why people visit Millers Motors.

So, if you’re having issues with your battery and need it fixing now, give us a call. Our team of highly trained technicians are standing by ready to help keep you on the road.

Batteries Millers Motors


As finalists in the 2019 Top Garage ‘Best Garage’ category, we’re recognised and trusted as one of the UK’s best garages. Our team of technicians are uniquely positioned to make sure your vehicle gets the right treatment first time, every time.

If you’re after a garage you can rely on and trust; if you’re looking for a garage committed to the VAG range, where every technician is specially trained, you’re at the right place.

Stress-free. Great value. But, most importantly, a passionate team that guarantees the absolute best service in North Cornwall.

Drop Off and Collection Millers Motors

Drop Off / Collection

If you can’t drop off or collect your car during our normal working hours, don’t worry. Our out of hours service means we’re flexible.

Courtesy Car Millers Motors

Courtesy Car

If your vehicle has to stay with us or you need a courtesy car during your car service, let us know when you book in.

Flexible Finance Millers Motors

Flexible Finance

To make paying super simple, we’ve got some great finance options to help you too. Call us now to discuss our options.

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For all of your car maintenance requirements in Launceston, call us today.