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Audi SQ5 Infotainment System

Troubleshooting the Audi SQ5 Infotainment System

The infotainment system is essential. Can you imagine driving without a satnav? No radio? Bluetooth? No. Neither could we!

This is what happened to Mr B and his Audi SQ5.

For several days, Mr B drove around with a faulty infotainment MMI system before bringing it to our specialists at Millers Motor Services.

He visited a local Audi dealership that said the multimedia unit needed to be replaced. To fix his car, the Audi dealer quoted him a hefty £5000.

It’s no wonder he took his car for a second opinion somewhere else. Luckily, our German vehicle specialists at Millers Motor Services were happy to help him.

Audi SQ5 Infotainment System

The Problem

Our Audi specialist detected the 384 11 Fibre Optic Data Bus error code appearing in an initial assessment. This small connection transfers data between the main multimedia unit and the Fibre Optic Data Bus.

While our Audi technician was confident he could fix Mr B’s SQ5, he wanted to perform additional tests in order to discover the root cause of the problem.


Though our Audi expert saw the Fibre Optic Data Bus error, he knew that hidden problems often wouldn’t be apparent at a glance. The last thing he would want to do is fix the initial issue, for Mr B to return with even more issues a few days later.

To ensure that we identify any issues the first time, all our specialists use a 15 step diagnostic process. Our specialists use this process to ensure you don’t waste time or money. With 15 steps, we ensure we don’t miss anything. As a result, your car will not lose its integrity as we follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Our technician noticed that the R Radio unit wasn’t communicating correctly after performing a global scan on the vehicle. Because the previous Audi garage had overlooked this issue, we never deviated from our 15 step process.

The Audi dealership could have charged Mr B £5000 to replace the MMI unit, only to discover that his Audi SQ5 still required further repairs – that would have been a nightmare.

Fixing the Audi SQ5

The R Radio fault needed addressing, and we also performed further tests to test the unit’s functionality.

Our Audi specialist found that the R Radio unit was not receiving power from the 12V battery. It’s not surprising that it wasn’t operating correctly. There are two possible causes for the R Radio unit not receiving power.

  1. An intermittent problem with the R radio unit.
  2. There is a blown fuse.

Luckily, a blown fuse, the cheaper of the two, was the cause of the power outage.

A blown fuse caused the problem; could it be that simple? Fortunately, it was. A new fuse was installed, and the SQ5 was retested to ensure that the MMI system worked.

At Millers Motor Services, we only use genuine and high-quality Audi parts for all repairs.

As a result, we adhere closely to manufacturer guidelines in order to provide quality service to your car. Premium vehicles deserve premium parts.

Once our specialist replaced the Audi SQ5’s fuse, the car’s multimedia system started working like new. The car’s error codes had cleared, and we were confident there would be no further problems for Mr B.


The infotainment multimedia unit in Mr B’s Audi SQ5 wasn’t working correctly, so he went to his local Audi dealership to get it fixed.

Mr B, however, decided to get a second opinion after being quoted £5000 for the repair and brought his car to us at Millers Motor Services German Vehicle Specialists.

We realised the problem was not what it seemed during the first assessment using our 15 step diagnostic process. Considering that the outcome could be extremely costly for Mr B, we did not want to overlook anything. Our Audi specialists found that a blown fuse had been the cause of the infotainment MMI unit’s problems. After the fuse was replaced, the infotainment unit worked like new again.

Once Mr B realised he didn’t have to pay £5000, his face shone brighter than the infotainment system.

Compared to the price Audi first quoted, the cost of the fuse was a drop in the ocean. We can understand why he was so happy.

If your Audi SQ5 has any issues, our specialists can assist you. Millers Motor Services gives your Audi the premium service it deserves without the dealership price.

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